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Books by Jacqui


Someone once told me that I had too small a stage.   I understood what they were saying, but I also loved the one on one encounters that I have with others.  Instead of feeling that I had to run and find a larger stage, I began to give away books!  My books to me are simply extended conversations.  Instead of pouring everything into one encounter,  then walking away with only a few people benefiting, I have chosen to write down the things I discover when encouraging others that way people I may never even meet on my 'stage' have opportunity to hear it.  My books are easy reads so you can finish them in a day or two with time to go back and review or take notes. 

I truly believe that Wisdom Speaks Today and everyday, we just have to listen. 

A Shopper's Guide to Dating

SHOPPING. Whether you love to do it or dread the thought, it might say something about your love life! Are you a bargain shopper? Maybe you prefer online shopping or only frequent specialty and brand names stores? Find out something (completely unscientific) about yourself. This book may help you venture out of your norm and find the deal of a lifetime!

Embarrassing Faith!

Embarrassment! Not exactly what we think of when we say FAITH! But truthfully, many of us have had these feelings while trusting God for an answer. Like Noah, it can be simply embarrassing! But don't be discouraged, you are not alone. Many believers have been through situations that leave us feeling the same way. Noah, Moses, Abraham & Sarah even Jesus' mom! Embarrassing Faith is here to encourage you to hold on when it seems like it would be politically or socially better to let go! So if you are feeling a little embarrassed, join the club! Read this book and be encouraged to KEEP THE FAITH!

Goudeau Gumbo for the Soul!

Goudeau Gumbo for The Soul - A Literary Feast of Inspirational Poetry: A book of poetry filled with various ingredients to meet your literary appetite! The poetry comes from all kinds of ideas, thoughts, life experiences and flavors; a kind of 'gumbo of prose'. Though written by the same poet, the lifestyle and heart of each person reading them brings a new and fresh taste to each one. Take some time to reflect on God's goodness and His amazing grace. We encourage you to journey with an open mind, not afraid to try something different. Sample the poetry in this book open to a different thought, a different mindset but a similar result…comfort.

Departed Friends: "Good Grief!"

Grief is a very real part of every person’s life. Sometimes we can go through it really well, and other times we may just lose it. This book comes from a class entitled “Departed Friends–Good Grief.” This book is simply a Christian’s view based on God’s word. It’s to remind us of how God will help us through whatever we deal with in life. His word holds answers for us even in the midst of great pain. Throughout the year you may find someone who needs encouragement or you yourself may need it. There is hope for you and peace for your mind because you still have a future. God’s plan is that you trust Him in all things and lean on Him even when you find it hard to stand.

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