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Jacqui Hill Goudeau is an author, speaker, blogger and Life Renovator with a 30+ year professional journey that spans a wide spectrum from retail, radio announcing, talk shows, to prison, children, pastoral ministry. and recently fostering hurting children.  Friends consider her the ultimate storyteller. Her writings, to date, include A Shoppers Guide to Dating, Embarrassing Faith, Getting the Lumps Out of Blended Families, Goudeau Gumbo for the Soul- a collection of poetry, and Departed Friends, Good Grief, which addresses the issue of loss.


Jacqui writes from her soul, making her books all-inclusive and easy reads for men and women, Christian and non-Christian alike. When you read her books, you immediately get a sense of wisdom that continues to be cultivated through life experiences, and most importantly, her intimate relationship with God. Just like an inspirational message, her books give you what you need, when you need it. 

Jacqui has a witty sense of humor, which people love. She speaks to a variety of audiences including men, women, married or unmarried,  youth, children, elderly and more.  Since part of her purpose is to impart wisdom each group can benefit from her motivational style teaching.  

When she finds spare time, she loves gardening, abstract painting , and watching movies with her family!







Contact her for speaking engagements, or for more info on other books! 



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