SHOPPING. Whether you love to do it or dread the thought, it might say something about your love life! Are you a bargain shopper? Maybe you prefer online shopping or only frequent specialty and brand names stores? This book focuses on your purpose and how to date with better results.  Topics like Alterations, The Fitting Room and Layaway will give you insight into the world of dating as you have not heard it before!  Grab your shopping shoes, your shopping list and let's see what's out there! 


Come discover something (completely unscientific) about yourself. This book may help you venture out of your norm and find the deal of a lifetime!. 

I'm already married so I got this book for a friend, but HAD to read it for myself.  It helped me realize why I chose the guy I did.   I will have to look into the 'price' I am willing to pay, and will have to get another book for my  single friend!



Okay, I was the person on LAYAWAY! In Jacqui's book "A Shoppers Guide to Dating" I realize I have had my life on hold waiting for a full payment!  I am going on with my life and have made my shopping list.